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What Our Clients Are Saying
(Names withheld for privacy)

"After the loss of my son, I was devastated, depressed, and hopeless. I knew I needed help, but since I didn’t have insurance, finding a qualified counselor I could afford to see regularly felt impossible. I was so relieved when I heard Agape offered scholarships for people just like me.

If it were not for the counseling sessions I received, I honestly don’t think I would be here today. I was given tools to cope, a safe place to process my thoughts and emotions, and my hope was restored. Most importantly, I discovered that my life still has a purpose and I could, in fact, learn to move forward.

Gratefulness fills my heart as I reflect on the invaluable support that allowed me to find solace, grow, and rediscover hope amidst my darkest of times. Thank you."


"I came to Agape several years ago. My counselor guided me through my struggle with pornography and gave me scriptures and new ways to live my life to stop old behaviors. You do not know how much you helped me and my marriage.  My wife and I are so much closer and stronger now than we ever have been. We are going to celebrate 20 years this December.  She did not leave me because she saw that I was working to change. 

I have shared my struggle with porn and how, by only the grace of God, I was able to overcome my sin.  This Sunday during worship my pastor has asked me to share my testimony.  Please be in prayer for me so that my witness will touch lives for eternity this Sunday.  I never dreamed that this day would come.  Forever I will be grateful that God put Agape in my path.  May God bless all you do."

"I sought counseling services after four years of life-altering events, realizing I needed help learning how to deal with depression, hopelessness, loss of life-long personal relationships, and a threatening future. 

My counselor has been a source of encouragement and strength, giving me homework assignments of reading, journaling, exploring my roots and my dreams, and the realization of who I am and the tremendous possibilities for my future. I always look forward to my next assignment!

The most important value my counselor has taught me to know in every fiber of my being is that I am precious in God's eyes, that I am His and I am the most loved daughter (of His) I have always been. I have learned to see myself as God sees me.

I've been to counseling before but I've never been given the tools to deal with life's curve balls as I have at Agape. I'm certain I would not be alive today without the support of their counseling services.

I would highly recommend Agape to anyone who needs supportive, encouraging Christian counseling."

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